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The Buyers Sourcing Meeting of Wujiang on June 27


Tex-Yeh attended the  Wujiang Buyers Sourcing Meeting on June 27, 2013. Before we went, we had made enough preparations. Our target client was Redcats this time. Through investigation, we found out that Redcats was very interested in moisture-absorbent fabric which was a kind of functional fabric with the feature of absorbing moisture and releasing sweat quickly. Therfore we took all our moisture-absorbent fabirc to the meeting.


Tex-Yeh is always expecting to cooperate with Redcats. Redcats is a subsidiary company of Pinault Printemps Redoute(PRR) which is mainly engaged in fashion and household goods. As the leader of the mail-order retailers, it owns 17 world famous brands such as LaRedoute, Daxon and KingSize. For Tex-Yeh, to cooperate with Global enterprises like Redcats is both an opportunity and challenge. Fortunately, it turned out that our preparations were worthwhile. Clients selected two strech pongee print. They required that print should be fashinable and look good on Beach Pants.


We sent them samples according to their requirements as soon as we came back. They were very satisfied with the samples we sent. And in order to know more about clients' requirements, our general manager visted Redcats in Shanghai personally. After conversation, we understood their ideas further. And it will help us in future cooperation.


Tex-Yeh will cherish every opportunity to enhance our strength so that we can better meet the needs of clients.


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