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The Buyers Sourcing Meeting of Wujiang on June 25


On July 25,2013, The Buyers Sourcing Meeting of Wujiang was successfully held in Wujiang Donghengsheng International Hotel.Representatives of Wujiang Tex-Yeh attended this meeting, carrying all of our fabrics. This meeting offered good opportunities to both the suppliers and purchasers. In this meeting, hongyuanxinfeng.communicated directly with the many fabrics buyers. Glorie Jeans showed great interest in our stretch fabric. We left contact details to each other.


Glorie Jeans soon contacted us after the meeting. They e-mailed us their requirements of fabric. We sent them stretch fabric in batches for them to choose as soon as we knew details of their requirements. As expected, Glorie Jeans was very satisfied with our faric and let us fill in thieir supplier registration form.


Even though Tex-Yeh has successfully become a member in supplier resources of Glorie Jeans, we will never lower our demands. We know attitude determines detail, and detail determines success. This success prove that we can achieve the goal expected as long as we make enough preparations


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