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The 2013 Matchmaking Meeting for the Textile Buyers Arranged by the 168tex Site in 2013

The 2013 Matchmaking meeting for the textile buyers arranged by the 168tex site was held in Shengze Shengshijinjiang International Hotel on June 28, 2013. More than 30 Western fabrics traders and apparel retailers came with their orders. the 168tex site served as a bridge in this meeting. Over 150 local companies communicated with 35 Western purchasers face to face, looking for the opportunity for cooperation.


As the supplier, we queued to communicate with Western suppliers one by one. The Matchmaking meeting enjoyed a warm atmosphere. It covered several items which included polyester, cotton and synthetic knitting fabrics. Our employees recommended our latest fabrics to the clients and listened carefully to suggestions from them at the same time.


We knew more about the purchase needs of the Western buyers through communication. After the meeting, we contacted the clients who had left their information and successfully got some orders. We believe that in order to get more opportunities to do business, we must contact and communicate with potential clients and send them samples in time.


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