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The 17th Autumn and Winter China International Textile Fabric& Accessories Expo


October 18,2011-October 21,2011


Recently, the pavilion of Wujiang Tex-Yeh Co.,Ltd was opened in Shanghai New International Expo Center and became a unique view in SNIEC. This Expo provided a opportunity for the top domestic companies to communicatewith famous garment manufactures. Tex&Teh showed our innovation and breakthrough in techniques. We believe that we can help our clients obtain competitive advantages and therefore achieve a win-win situation.


China International Textile Fabric& Accessories Expo provided a international and professional platform to communicate. Tex&Yeh shared ideas and innovative solutions in this Expo. This platform offered a chance for others to know further about Jiulong's improvements and innovations on fabrics. Tex&Yeh is devoted to make more contributions to the clients who serve the textil value chain. While creating more space for brand value promotion, we hope that we can tap more potential business opportunities. The unyelding spirit towards technological innovation is the reason that Jiulong Textile keep the superoity in competition all thses years. Our company integrates the development, production, sale, trade and service of the chemical fabrics. All of our equipment is hydraulic loom and rapier loom. We own the professional equipments for PU rolling, PU and PE coating and we are one of those first passed ISO9000 certifation.


Tex&Yeh mainly showed dyed fabric and fabrics used for down jackets in this expo. Dyed fabric is a kind of multiple fabric with various colors and strong hierarchical effect. It has good fastness to sunlight, rubbing and water. Fabrics used for down jackets are usually high-density fabrics whic are wind and down-proof, breathable, light, soft and warm and water-proof fabrics which can be used in outdoor freezing environment. They are replacements for parka.


Although the economic situation of 2011 is still not optimistic, the opening of 2011 Shanghai World Expo will improve the economic development. And obviously, China International Textile Fabric&Accessories Expo in Shanghai will also increase the development of economy, just like the flame in winter.






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